The Undermining of the Legislative Process by Executive Orders


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The Undermining of the Legislative Process by Executive Orders

Executive orders are directives the president issues regarding a wide array of federal issues. The power to make executive orders solely rests with the president of the United States. It is worth noting that when making executive orders, the president does not need the approval of any legislative body such as Congress. Thus, although the president forms a part of the executive that is mainly involved in implementing laws and policies, he or she contributes significantly to the legislative process.

Executive orders are usually perceived as a great mockery of the legislative process. In particular, the actions of the president playing a part in the lawmaking process can be interpreted as having no faith in the ability of Congress to make such laws. In addition, it portrays the executive branch of government as having dominion over the legislative arm. This is in sharp contrast to the dreams of the founding fathers of the constitution, who envisaged a scenario where the three arms of government would have separate and distinct roles. Executive orders are also perceived as a tool for circumventing the legislative procedures in passing laws. Rather than subject a proposed bill to Congress for debate, executive orders ensure the president’s wishes become law by merely invoking his or her executive powers.

It is apparent that executive orders greatly threaten the legislative process. This is because the existing constitutional provisions allow the president to sideline the lawmaking organs in the land, such as the Congress, in making laws. With executive orders firmly embedded in the USĀ  constitution, the legislature can sometimes be put into oblivion when it comes to formulating important pieces of legislation that affect the workings of the federal government. Given that executive orders are a stumbling block to legislature discharging its mandate freely and without any form of undue interference, there is an urgent need to rethink the legality and importance of executive orders in the US constitution.


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