[Solved] The Study of Law and Social Movements


Identify the three concepts listed below and briefly discuss their significance concerning the study of law and social movements and the course themes. A firm answer will make at least five points regarding the importance of the concept to law and social activities and the course themes. Each answer should be roughly 300 words in length. Breach […]

The Study of Law and Social Movements

Breach Of The Peace

The “breach of peace” is a concept that refers to the disruption of public harmony. Whether deliberate or non-deliberate, this violation is considered a threat, and the law outlaws it. Concerning the study of law and social movements, this concept is significant in understanding the incompatibility between the two. Firstly, the breach of peace labels the possession of an arm while in public as a threat to public tranquillity. Secondly, sending challenges to fight is also barred according to this concept. Thirdly, making round noise, issuing verbal threats, and inciting are all defined by the “breach of peace” as misdemeanors. Interestingly, social movements employ all these tactics to drive their agenda. For example, a group activity that does not utilize the issuing of threats and making a loud noise, which can be called hooliganism, makes its agitation less insistent. The movement has to use intimidation to effect social change. These are types of misdemeanors that the law bans. In brief, “breach of peace” is critical in understanding the law’s incompatibility and social movements.

A Riot is the Language of the Unheard

In protests in Baltimore after the killing of a young African American man, the concept of “a riot is the language of the unheard” arose. A riot is any form of public action in which a group of people lash out violently and cause general disruption against the government, properties, and peaceful civilians. Riots are often typified by massive looting, a criminal activity according to the law. These riots are organized as social movements that adopt an aggressive strategy to make their cries heard. They perceive peaceful demos as ineffective, and in fact, they are deemed inadequate in making the authorities act. From the highlighted traits of riots disguised as types of social movements, it is easy to understand the origin of the discord between the law and social activities. While the law seeks to ensure public peace is maintained, riots are out to ensure that it is completely disrupted for the voice of the “oppressed” to be heard.


Profunc is not a new concept because its origin can be traced back to the Cold War era. The term “Profunc” is an abbreviation of PROminent FUNCtionaries, a demanding underground project initiated by the government of Canada to combat suspected communists and their sympathizers. Once identified, these targeted groups of people were rounded up and imprisoned without trial. That is what “internment” refers to. A severe crackdown would happen whenever there was a looming event of war with the USSR. “Profunc” is a concept that acts as a lens for people to view the correlation between law and social movements. The rule was initially devised to combat social movements. The law enforcers implemented this significance of the law by making mass arrests of people identified to be members of specific social movements that were against the authority and its ideologies. That is the same case that exists today. One of the critical aims of most social movements is to oppose government courses, which explains why Profunc had to be formed.










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