“The District School” and “The Common School Movement: ” 4 Article Reviews


Read the articles “The District School,” “The Common School Movement, ” “A School Way to Fight Phones in Class Lock em up,” and “Is Google Making us Stupit.“ For each article in the following links, please write a comment about three sentences, whether you agree or disagree with the author about a specific point or […]

Schools, Technology, and the Education System

A School’s Way to Fight Phones in Class: Lock ‘Em Up

Students’ phone lock-up concept cannot be effective since technology integration into everyday life in society is mostly embraced in our culture. For example, mobile applications in healthcare, transportation, and shopping have become popular worldwide, with businesses worth billions of dollars. Similarly, mobile inventions in education can offer practical learning programs that capture students’ imagination and creativity in an immersive learning process. A crucial argument about the topic requires administrators to determine whether mobile learning should be limited to improve the students’ participation or embraced to enhance learners’ attention, imagination, and performance.

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

While the advantages of technology in the contemporary world are revolutionary to humanity, the growing trend where technology gets more involved in people’s lives paints a bizarre future for humankind. The author accurately opines that shallow research for information access due to the internet and web searches are part of the future humanity is heading. As most people wake up and reach their tweeter feed and the newspaper business slowly fades from society, shorter articles on the phone become more popular, proving that the community reads less. However, one question is whether the increased connectivity of the world through the web will make it easier for false information to spread across the globe.

The District schools

The author argues that revolutions in France, the United States, and other nations worked against religious and civil orders that fueled tyranny in their societies. Today, evidence supports this argument as countries like China actively alter their education programs to favour the regimes in power. For instance, they do not teach about the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre in China during history lessons across the nation since the actual events tarnish the government’s image. Scholars argue that this deliberate manipulation of the learning process can reduce the leaders’ accountability to the people they govern and hinder social justice systems.

The Common School Movement

Uniformity in the American school systems played an essential part in shaping modern-day society by conforming its citizens to standard education programs in district schools. As the author opines that this was a step in manipulating society by the educators, and the contemporary school systems became a crucial link in the fundamental American lifestyle. For example, the United States developed and implemented its customary units that differed from the imperial units of their British colonial masters and applied them through the uniform education system. Similarly, the role of education in nationalism and corrupt politicians like ethnic exclusion is a question that is crucial to the development of education systems around the world.


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