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Question 1: Please summarize the content of *THREE* of the hadiths collected by al-Bukhari in the “Book of Qadar.” Regarding each hadith, please consider its significance for the question: divine preordainment. What light does each hadith shed on this question? Please answer some parts of the question above In a paragraph of 90 words; please […]

Hadiths in the Book of Qadar

Question 1

Hadith Number 6610 describes how Allah controls everything in the universe. The hadith identifies that there is neither might nor power except with Allah. It demonstrates the importance of submitting to the mission of Allah to acquire his guidance and foreordain every event throughout a person’s life. Hadith Number 6611 emphasizes the importance of righteousness in earning Allah’s favor and protection (“The Book of Al-Qadar,” p. 323). It describes how the sinless and the save earn Allah’s protection from evil and preordainment of everything that happens in their lives. Hadith 6612 also demonstrates the importance of seeking Allah’s preordainment. It describes how sinful populations experience affliction for failing to seek Allah’s predestination.

Question 2

Hadith No. 6594 (transmitted on the authority of Abdallah ibn Mas’ud) asserts that everything that happens in a person’s life is preordained. According to the hadith, an angel is commanded to write a person’s provision, life span, actions, and whether one will be wretched or blessed in the afterlife even before they are born. Therefore, the hadith implies that everything that happens in a person’s life is preordained, including what happens in their afterlife.

Question 3

According to Hadiths No. 6597-6600, Allah will utilize the preordainment of non-Muslim children who die young to determine their afterlife destiny. The hadiths demonstrate how a person’s life is preordained even before birth. Therefore, they emphasize Allah’s knowledge of everything that will happen in a person’s life before they are born and will grow to become righteous or sinful people. According to the hadiths, Allah knows what such children would have done if they did not die early (“The Book of Al-Qadar,” p. 318). Therefore, he would utilize such information to establish whether they should go to Hell or Paradise.


The Book of Al-Qadar (Divine Preordainment)

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