[Solved] BUS 012A: State of Minnesota v. Smith (Ch. 10) Case Brief


Write a case brief on Minnesota v Smith using the case study in chapter 6 of the Business Law (14the Ed.) by Kenneth W Clarkson, Kenneth Clarkson, Roger LeRoy Miller, Roger Miller, Frank B Cross, and Frank Cross.

Case Brief State of Minnesota v. Smith

Facts: Over a Labor Day weekend in Rochester, Minnesota, two homes and the Rochester Tennis Center, a business, were burglarized. One day later, cleaning personnel found a garbage bag in Albert Smith’s room near Bell Tower Inn. The bag contained a passport that belonged to the owner of the burglarized homes and documents that belonged to the business.

Issue: Was Albert Smith guilty of burglary?

Ruling: The state intermediate appellate court affirmed Smith’s conviction for burglary since there was enough evidence to prove so.

Conclusion: The appellate court concluded that the circumstances were “consistent with guilt and inconsistent with any rational hypothesis except that of guilt.” The assortment of items in Smith’s possession, from the electronics to the financially worthless documents, as well as gloves and a flashlight, illustrates Smith’s guilt of each of the burglaries. The mishmash of times found in the defendant’s possession looks like the raw loot that a thief quickly grabbed and made off with.


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Published On: 01-01-1970

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