[Solved] BUS 012A: PAK Foods v. GarciaCourt of Appeals of Texas (Ch. 14) Case Brief


Write a case brief on PAK Foods v. GarciaCourt of Appeals of Texas using the case study in chapter 6 of the Business Law (14the Ed.) by Kenneth W Clarkson, Kenneth Clarkson, Roger LeRoy Miller, Roger Miller, Frank B Cross, and Frank Cross.

Facts: S.L., a 16-year-old minor, worked for KFC, operated by PAK Foods Houston, LLC. PAK Foods’ policy was to resolve disputes with an employee through arbitration. S.L. signed an acknowledgement of this policy. S.L. was injured on the job and terminated her employment. She filed a suit against PAK to recover medical expenses for the injury.

Issue: When Minors sign employment agreements with fast food restaurants, how can they disaffirm those agreements?

Rules: They appealed and lost because S.L. had the right to disaffirm the agreement since she was a minor.



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Published On: 01-01-1970

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