Relevance of Joshua 1:9 in Marketing Discussion Essay

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Integration of Faith and Learning: Responsibility Assignment Instructions Overview This assignment requires integrating quoted Bible verses directly with the selected marketing management topic. Be sure this applies specifically to marketing management, not management or business in general. Instructions To ourselves and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ The Scripture verse from the Old Testament (Joshua […]

Integration of Faith in Learning: Relevance of Joshua 1:9 In Marketing

In the contemporary business world, companies adopt different concepts to guide their marketing strategies and ensure progress in the highly competitive business world. Most concepts businesses use to streamline their marketing activities are derived from fundamental management concepts. However, some businesses use specific bible verses to guide their marketing activities to successfully popularize their brands while abiding by bible teachings about integrity in business. One of the most popular companies that adopt faith-based marketing is Forever 21. The company adopts a faith-driven management strategy through which it bases its operational methods on biblical teachings. One of the most relevant bible verses used by the company is Joshua 1:9, which encourages people to be confident in all the activities they engage in (King James Version, 2021, Joshua 1:9). This study seeks to investigate how various teachings from the verse influence Fasshion21’s marketing strategies. Forever21 is confident in its marketing endeavours despite multiple risks and discouragement, as taught in Joshua 1:9.

While the success of any marketing strategy a business adopts calls for confidence to face unanticipated events, the guidance offered by the verse is relevant in marketing management. Businesses often encounter multiple risks in their effort to popularize their products and attract more customers. Such businesses’ capacity to excel in marketing is often regulated by the level of determination and confidence among their top managers. Being a major player in the United States fashion industry, Forever21 pays close attention to biblical teachings, particularly Joshua 1:9. The organization conducts online campaigns for its brands across all media channels to ensure it reaches all its customers (Salem & Salem, 2021, p. 650). While multiple challenges exist associated with advertising across various media networks, the company’s marketing managers demonstrate confidence in their marketing endeavours despite various factors that may discourage them from conducting such marketing activities. Unlike many businesses that hesitate to take actions that contradict popular expectations, the company demonstrates confidence in its endeavors, as suggested in Joshua 1:9.

Moreover, as marketing managers strive to make sure their businesses become more sustainable, they must maintain motivation and commitment despite facing discouragements. As Forever21 continues to experience unfavourable market conditions and discouragement from competitors, it remains committed to its objectives. Many businesses in the fashion industry adopt unfair competition strategies, such as false advertising and unauthorized substitution, to outdo Forever 21. For example, the company was recently listed among the most unethical business, with a brand score of 10% in the fashion transparency index (Liu, 2021, p. 147). Although the negative information was spread across major social media networks, the company continues to market its brand through those sites. In so doing, Forever21 demonstrates high levels of courage in facing discouragement in its marketing activities. In harmony with teachings from Joshua 1:9, the company’s managers remain committed to their marketing objectives despite discouragements in the market.

Although the company faces many marketing risks and discouragements when conducting marketing activities, it demonstrates confidence and commitment as outlined in Joshua 1:9. The organization conducts online campaigns for its brands across all media channels despite multiple risks discouraging similar businesses from adopting such a marketing strategy. Forever21’s marketing managers also maintain high levels of commitment to their marketing objectives while the company continues to experience unfavourable market conditions and unfair competition by similar firms. In so doing, the company’s marketing managers demonstrate assertiveness and confidence despite facing affliction in their endeavors.


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