On the Line: February 2016: Dance Review Essay

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Use this link to watch the dance performance. Description of the Performance:This solo is about challenging systems of knowing and making statements you cannot take back, both in our bodies and the world. MFA Dance Candidate Jessie Young mines her body’s history and deeply conditioned knowledge to re-examine ways of understanding its possibilities. The creation […]

On the Line: February 2016 (Dance Review)

The dance dubbed ‘On the Line’ was performed on February 2016 by a soloist artist by the name of Jessie Young and choreographed by Abby Zbikowski (Young). It took place in a full theater and utilized the standard three-point lighting on the stage to exclude all other distractions, thus making the dancer the focal point of the show.

From the first few minutes itself, the audience was introduced to the minute-long pop-rock song ‘Let’s Get Sally’ by the singer group By Your Own Pet, which sets the theme of the dance style and aids in the expectancy in dance choreography, distinctive patterns and aggressiveness, motifs, and dynamics of movements. Since the central theme of the dance is pop-culture, the dance style ‘contemporary’ was dominant in the whole routine. The dance itself made use of several motifs and choreography, the most distinct being sporadic freestyle movements with krumping undertones and jumpstyle. The dancer’s dynamic actions incorporated spatial motion shifting from an aggressive style to more subtle actions; consequently, the dynamics of her actions bordered on unpredictability, as the dance integrated line- and shape-oriented, momentous, jerky and sustained movements. There is a lot of repeated design and sequencing throughout the dancing. Arguably, this makes the motif of the dance more abstract and idiosyncratic.

The ‘On the Line’ dance by Jessie Young, according to my view, fulfills the theme set. Finally, the conception I had about contemporary music has been enriched by the experience. As I get to watch more and more artistic dances, the line between expressing music through someone’s body and the rhythm of sound has broadened my perception of dance as an art.

Work Cited

Young, Jessy. “On The Line February Dance 2016.” Vimeo, 18 May. 2018, https://vimeo.com/illinoisdance/review/163853620/b7379da5bc





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