National Association for Bilingual Education Programs:

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First, please go to the National Association for Bilingual Education website and write about how this professional organization supports bilingualism.  What does the organization specific do for bilingual children? What is the mission of the organization? (200-250 words). Then, write a paragraph about what you will do to advocate for societal and institutional change for […]

NABE Support for Bilingual and Multilingual Programs

NABE is a non-governmental organization founded in 1975, and it aims to advocate equality and excellence in educating multilingual and bilingual students in a global setting. NABE creates opportunities and resources to enable sustainability and continuation of education opportunities for bilingual students; it also provides opportunities for educators who work with such students (“NABE Home”). The organization manages its mission and support through several programs meant at improving existing institutions’ practices to cater for the needs of challenged English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and English as a second language (ESL) students. These programs are not a mandatory part of the western education curriculum; learning the new country’s language is, therefore, a challenge to the culturally diverse non-native children searching for a better life; NABE accommodates these students. Additionally, the organization ensures that they source funds and fight for the rights of such students in their respective communities; arguably, this enables a fair representation of their needs in the legislature and reforms in the education sector, thus securing much-needed learning. Finally, NABE sources and provides high-quality development opportunities to bilingual professional educators. Such opportunities offered to the Muli-speaking student by NABE aim to integrate them smoothly into an English-speaking community.

National Association for Bilingual Education Reflection

One of the ways that I would help a foreign student is by aiding them to adjust to the cultural setting and expectation that comes with a new environment. Arguably, most of these students are foreigners, and the societal and cultural shock that results from moving into the country can be overcome by arranging a multicultural classroom environment and involving them in cooperative learning. It should also be illustrated that regular usage of the native language will lead to its preference at the expense of the non-native language. It is, therefore, necessary to regularly test the competency and progress of the latter to ensure that progress is being made.

Work Cited

“NABE Home.” Nabe.Org, 2018, Accessed 19 May 2018.

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