Jazz Genres: A Discussion Essay


Compare and contrast the following 2 Jazz genre recordings in 250-300 words. Address as many musical aspects as you can, but also references to the context and socio-cultural conditions from which 2 styles  Swing low, sweet chariot Benny Goodman Groovin high dizzy Gillespie


Jazz is one of the renowned music genres worldwide, and its popularity has continued to increase over time. The fact that people have varied ways of thinking explains why jazz artists produce different music. However, there is some element of similarities in their work. This paper compares and contrasts two recordings: the Swing Low Sweet Chariot by Benny Goodman and Groovin high by Dizzy Gillespie.

Jazz Genres

There are several differences between the two jazz songs. Firstly,There are several differences between the two jazz songs. Firstly, the former expresses the social injustices faced by the people of the South due to slavery resulting from culture and religion (th 90). Whereas the latter explains the story of a movie, Dizzy Gillespie watched when he was tender. Secondly, the former started as jazz and has never changed to date. On the other hand, the latter withdrew as bebop and later transformed into jazz.

Swing Low

Another difference is that the Swing Low uses a set of instrumental tools which produce fine tunes. However, the Groovin High has used trumpets (Shipton 55). The song has also embraced the chord structure, which uses a complex musical arrangement. Therefore, the Grooving High is more complicated compared to the Swing Low.

The two recordings share various similarities. The two are influential songs that have gained immense popularity worldwide. They are famous due to their organic and incredible nature, and thus, they attract a large audience. Swing Low Sweet Chariot by Benny Goodman and Groovin High by Dizzy Gillespie has evolved since the 19th century, and their fame has continued with time to date. They are icon songs in jazz music.

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