International Business Book Review

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Use the International Business Book by Charles Hill to write a book review and mention the chapter shown in the image below.

International Business Book Review

International Business is a book by Charles Hill that presents up-to-date knowledge on managerial implications and theories in international business. The book explores what international business entails: international trade incorporates the export and import of products and services to consumers through the globalization of the market (Hill, 2008). An exploration into the book’s integration of different topics into twenty chapters, divided into six parts interconnected with an easy-to-understand flow between the information, will occur.

Segmentation of the Book

Part One

The first chapter incorporates issues to be discussed throughout the book and includes globalization and the globalization of health care.

Part Two

The third and fourth chapter deals with political culture and economy, with the sections comprising the differences in national political economy, economic development, and cultural differences. On the other hand, Chapter 5 deals with the ethical issues prevalent in International business.

Part Three

There are three chapters in the book’s third part; they deal with international trade theory, foreign investment, economic mergers within regional countries, and economics of politics. These chapters delve into the investment and trade environment encountered by international businesses.

Part Four

Part four of the book contains three chapters: the foreign exchange market, the international monetary system, and the global capital market. It explains the financial structure that drives international business transactions.

Part Five

Chapters 13 to 15 are contained in section five of the book and look at the strategic methods firms use to compete and remain relevant in international trade. The topics affiliated with the book’s fifth section include strategic entry, organization, and strategic pact.

Part Six

The writer explores business operations in the final four chapters by examining trade and counter-trade, global production and outsourcing, logistics, finance, manufacturing, R&D, accounting, marketing, and human resources management departments.


The International Business by Charles Hill is a compelling study book that examines the correlation between a business operation and trade in international markets. The book’s comprehensiveness and flow between topics and ideas make it an excellent read for international students and experienced business managers.


Hill, C.W. (2008). International business: Competing in the global marketplace. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill

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