Innovation Adoption Reflection Paper


Write an innovation adoption paper considering the following: 300 words of your insights and reflections about the readings, paralleled and analyzed against the context of your daily life or background. Start your design research while incorporating the Innovation Decision Process framework •Pick one topic of interest (Vertical farming!!!) Conduct at min. 3 field, primary research […]

Innovation Adoption in a Social Setting

Part 1: My Insights and Reflections about the Readings in Connection with my Daily Life

The first insight I have learned from the text “Innovativeness and Adopter Categories” is that people in society do not embrace innovation at the same time. People, therefore, fall under different categories when it comes to adopting changes. In my life, I have often taken some time before accepting new ideas or concepts. I prefer to investigate and ascertain that something is fit for use. There are some of my friends who are quick to embrace new ideas or trends. For instance, in social media networks, my peers utilize Facebook and Twitter significantly in socializing with people. I prefer to question almost everything that I consider to be new or strange. My innovativeness is hence different from that of my friends.

The other significant insight I have gained from this reading is that the innovativeness of individuals in a social setting follows a normal distribution curve. People have different traits and personalities. I am an introvert, and hence I am a bit reserved. I do not quickly buy other people’s ideas or schools of thoughts. People who are extroverts are outgoing and they adopt new concepts rapidly. Since the traits in human beings are normally distributed, the rate at which individuals embrace innovation can follow a standard distribution curve. I agree with this statement since people with certain traits are found in every part of the world. Human characteristics are universally distributed. People who have the same characters tend to have the same level of innovativeness. The explanation of similar behaviors among peers is due to the similarity in traits. I consider associating with good company to avoid ruining my actions and attitudes. I think it is essential for people to appreciate the way individuals are diverse regarding the innovativeness to accommodate them in their lives.

Part 2: My Design Research by Incorporating the Innovation-Decision Process Framework

The innovation-decision process is a mental activity through which people gain first knowledge concerning an innovation, build attitude towards the change, and accept or reject an invention. The process also relates to how individuals execute the innovation after acceptance. The topic I have chosen about the innovation-decision process is “Vertical Farming.” People have different attitudes which affect whether they can adopt or reject this agricultural practice.

People who adopt vertical framing explain that this framing practice is economical and has more yields. The method uses little water. The amount of weeds is low and controlled conveniently. I would agree with this explanation since this type of farming may enhance food security. On the other hand, the individuals who dismiss vertical farming argue that the food grown is not nutritious. Fossil fuels are used in vertical farming hence leading to environmental pollution. The initial cost is very high. These people have attitudes which necessitate them reject this agricultural activity.

Vertical farming is a modern farming technique and is practiced in greenhouses and other similar structures. My innovation-decision process shows that I would look at the advantages and disadvantages of vertical farming and justify my final decision. I would embrace vertical farming since the problems can be solved and are less compared to the benefits. If I were to change this process, I would gather more facts about the demerits of vertical farming.

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