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Logic Model Development Assignment Prompt This Assignment #1 is ​ the first step ​ of your final group project. Over the course of thesemester, your group will design and develop an evaluation plan based on yourselection of a health program. You will complete a term project in a series of steps bythe end of this […]

Logic Model

Logic model development

Logic model development

Innovating for Maternal and Child Health in Africa (IMCHA) is a healthcare program that was initiated and designed for Sub-Sahara Africa. As a non-profiteering organization, IMCHA relies on sponsorship funding from three renowned organizations: Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Global Affairs Canada, and IDRC. This information highlights, though indirectly, the key inputs that IMCHA uses. To start with, funds are the fundamental input. Technology, which is in the form of medical equipment, is also used. The program is unviable without workforce input. Though it is not a for-profit organization, IMCHA employs dozens of healthcare-trained practitioners. To cut the budget, trained volunteers are recruited to augment the salaried workforce. The last but critical input is research.

The inputs are used to support IMCHA’s activities. They include increasing awareness amongst policy and decision-makers on how primary healthcare can be improved to promote child and maternal health, undertaking solution-oriented research that will prevent women from sub-Saharan Africa from dying in the process of giving birth, and undertaking solution-oriented research that will foster excellent maternal and child healthcare.

The outputs are rather described as the immediate results of the activities undertaken. They include reduced pregnancy and childbirth-related deaths and decreased likelihood of dying of children under the age of five in sub-Saharan Africa. In the long run, IMCHA will achieve one key outcome: enhanced maternal, newborn, and child health outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa. This outcome is franked by several other minor but significant outcomes, which include improved health systems, especially in primary care, enhanced collaboration amongst policymakers and researchers to strengthen the health system in sub-Saharan Africa, and enhanced incorporation of research findings into healthcare., solution-oriented and transformed health systems in the region, and increased the capacity of the researchers to address healthcare obstacles in sub-Saharan Africa.

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