[Solved] Dragon Boating Self Analysis

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Dragon Boating Reflections: In this self-analysis, please address the following aspects of self-analysis: How do you believe your engagement and interaction in the DragonBoating Exercise aligned or did not align with your Birkman Assessment Cognitive/Intellectual Learning. To what extent did you learn about yourself through the DragonBoating Exercise Emotional Learning. How did you feel as […]

Dragon Boating Self Analysis

It was challenging to engage in Dragon boating as the activity did not align with my personality. According to my Birkman assessment, my character bordered on sensitivity when working with others and sticking to established procedures. I viewed this as an opportunity to increase my self-esteem in tasks requiring challenges, wit, and teamwork. On the other hand, it allowed me to enhance my competitiveness. I was pleased that the task contained activities that needed a hands-on approach with a degree of reflection; this would align seamlessly with my strengths, according to the analysis.

Dragon boating is a strenuous activity that requires the brain’s input on the environment and problem-solving skills for the team to work together. The experience helped me learn cognition by using multiple pieces of information to make split-second decisions, which aided my group in completing the activity successfully.

When the drummer at the front started drumming, a surge of excitement coursed through me as we paddled fast. At first, I was uncoordinated, but I later caught up with the more experienced paddlers in unison rowing. Dragon Boating was a unifying experience. Even though we went to the Dragon boating as strangers, the teammates were beaming and talking breathlessly at the end of the activity like long-time friends. I would never have guessed that an event would bond the participants in such a way, and at the end of it all, I became friends with most of my teammates.

The team I was in consisted of experienced and inexperienced paddlers arranged in an alternating order among the rows. Our team performed exceptionally well in the dragon boating activity, considering the number of the latter we had, although the newcomers struggled with maintaining harmony from practice.

If I could invite my friends, I am sure I would do it; I would stress the bonding experience that someone feels when paddling with other members. Another thing that I learned is that Dragon boating is one of the best ways to experience teamwork amongst total strangers. It helps the physical body through exercise and enhances cognitive and emotional learning, builds self-esteem, and challenges oneself to newer heights.

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