Week 14 Prompt: Dr Pepper Ten Commercial Analysis


Dr Pepper Ten Commercial Exercise Week 14: Language & Normativity: Accounts & Categorizations The objective of this week’s assignment is to apply the sort of analysis we saw in Monday’s lecture (and in the Raymond (2013) reading) to a novel piece of data. First, find an example of categorization or account of linguistic behaviour that […]

Dr Pepper Ten

The “Dr Pepper Ten” commercial is an example of an account of linguistic behaviour that applies gendered themes. It features a muscular man in the forest fighting villains and snakes and saying, “Hey ladies, are you adoring the movie? not because this is our film and this is our drink”. As he tries to pour the beverage into a glass while in a bumpy all-terrain vehicle, the audience hears, “We are good, and you can keep the lady drinks and romantic comedies”. The campaign explicitly states that the drink is not for women verbally and non-verbally.

In the commercial, one of the two men explicitly categorizes the “Dr Pepper Ten” as a product for males only, positioning the soft drink as masculine. Several elements, such as machinery and guns, support the social norms and attributes of physical strength and power associated with this gender. On the other hand, women are degraded and banned from consuming this beverage; instead, they are supposed to watch useless romantic comedies linked with weakness ob. These are just some of the complex themes of gender and sexuality as present in TV shows and commercials and reinforcing stereotypes and biases (Raymond 216).

In summary, the verbal statements and sequence of images in the “Dr Pepper Ten” commercial cements the prevailing gender ideology and portrays the divide between traditional practices of men and women. It does so by depicting masculinity using demeaning femininity and juxtaposing them: where males engage in outdoor activities and feature physical strength, females stay inside and passively enjoy watching TV.

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