Domino’s Pizza Australia – Recommendation to Improve Operation Management


Domino’s Pizza Operation Management Improvement Prompt Make recommendations for the company (discussion on key system and process design elements and the relationship between operations management and productivity). The popularity of fast food has increased. Many people do not have time to prepare meals at home. Therefore, they prefer to buy ready meals, especially pizzas, which […]

Domino’s Pizza Australia – Recommendations to Improve Operation Management

Key Elements of System and Process Design

Domino’s Pizza Australia uses the operation management system to ensure its business processes continue efficiently by meeting customer demands and using the optimum resources. However, there is a need for the organization to improve its operation management based on the system and process design. The process design consists of a sequence of operations and activities that transform the inputs, such as knowledge, capital, people, energy, and materials, into outputs (Roubtsova, 2017). Conversely, the system design is an assortment of supporting materials and design documents, which define the functionality of the system that supports one or more business processes, and in turn, deletes, updates, and creates data.

Failure of the system and process design to offer sufficient and correct data may lead to adverse impacts, including business disruption, budget overruns, and project delays. Therefore, Domino’s Pizza should consider the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERPs) as a process model for governing and converting business data into useful business information. The attributes of ERPs, which would be advantageous to Domino’s Pizza, include a reduced amount of data entry done by management accountants, the ease of information use across all products and units, and more timely and accurate information (Alomari et al., 2018). The mentioned features signify the business process conducted in operation management.

Relationship between Operation Management and Productivity

Productivity is one of the major concerns of Domino’s Pizza Australia, as high productivity is critical to survival in the competitive fast-food business environment. The firm’s productivity relies on how efficiently and effectively operations are managed. As a recommendation, linear programming and operations research are two mathematical techniques that Domino’s Pizza can utilize to optimize operations and enhance and augment production systems management (Moynihan, 2018). The former is a method for choosing an optimum combination of elements from a series of interrelated alternatives, each subjected to various limitations, to attain the desired objective. The latter consists of six steps, including conveying the problem, establishing a mathematical model, using the model to derive a solution, analyzing the model, offering controls for the solution and model, and putting the solution into effect. Thus, the two techniques would help Domino’s Pizza improve productivity by maintaining inventory, which would enable the company to prevent stock-outs during peak demand and deal with uncertainties in market supply.


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