Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor Movie Review

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Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor Review – For this assignment, you will choose a movie to review with a strong life coaching theme. Please note that a significant component of this assignment is for you to make this movie selection based on what you are learning about life coaching principles in the course. You […]

 Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor


Coaching in life has numerous benefits as it guides individuals in leading blameless lives. In the real world, nobody is perfect. In other words, people need guidance as they explore new experiences in life, such as marriage and family life which are accompanied by many challenges. Life coaching entails advising, consulting, mentoring, and counseling. These elements empower individuals having problems coping with the challenges in life by realizing the different ways of dealing with them. Therefore, coaching has numerous advantages in steering individuals towards comfortable lives.

Perry Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor Review

Various movies have brought forward life-coaching skills. The study will review the film by Tyler Perry, i.e., Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. It is based on the confession of a marriage counselor who recounts the story of her sister Judith to her married woman client whose marriage is threatened because of her extra-marital relationship. Brice works as a pharmacist. Judith has been married to for several years to Brice, and both have moved to Washington D.C. Brice works in a pharmacy while Judith works as an in-house therapist for Janice. To start with, Judith happens to be so faithful that she has never been with another man apart from Brice. Christianity has also contributed to her faithfulness in marriage. The progress of the marriage is good until a point where Harley, a billionaire, wishes to make some investment in Janice’s company. Harley also owns a private plane and stylish vehicles such as Ferrari and Rolls, which he uses to take Judith for rides. The treats are not intended to ruin Judith’s marriage but to improve it.

In Temptation: Confessions of a marriage counselor, Harley’s motives towards Judith turn from being professional to personal when he realizes that she has only met one man in her life. Markedly, Harley is stinky rich; he is believed to have made the most significant invention in social media after Zuckerberg. Regrettably, money is the source of most evils. Judith is tempted by the billionaire, who lures her into an immoral life. At first, she is reluctant to the persuasions of Harley due to her love for Brice. However, Harley does not give up. He takes advantage of the business trip to Orleans. Brice later realizes the affair that Judith had engaged in and the partying life she had started. Brice informs his mother, a preacher, and they both try to liberate her from the satanic behavior. Sadly, their efforts are futile. The only way to rescue Judith is through a marriage counselor. The marriage counselor is an older Judith who got divorced from Brice and contracted HIV through the liaison with Harley.

Coaching Implications

Indeed, Perry’s movie has been admired by many people worldwide due to its more significant implications for the real world. It shows how effective counseling can be when delivered with a personal touch. Clients watching the film will open their minds to a coach who guides them by depicting real-life experiences. Without any doubt, the unfolding of events represents the reality of what is happening to most married individuals. The actions of the characters in the movie are ridiculous, and the love for money and the lack of fidelity in marriage are the leading factors. It calls for life coaching for Judith to make her realize the importance of maintaining faithfulness in marriage despite the challenges.

            The life coaching principles in the movie include relationship and trust, which are the primary building blocks of a stable marriage. Consequently, a sense of care and sincerity among couples is imperative. Additionally, married individuals need to maintain an authentic relationship. It enables them to speak out whenever they have challenges and find possible solutions. If Judith were honest with her husband about the situation she was going through, they would have sought noble ways of dealing with it. Another guiding principle is listening and intuition. During marriage, people should spare some precious time to speak out about their issues and obtain insights from other experienced persons. Therefore, if Judith had listened to Brice’s mother or had consulted a professional marriage coach, she would have saved the marriage and maintained her health.

Personal Implications

The movie made me understand a significant coaching lesson, i.e., not to be lured by money and passing temptations. I will always try and narrate real-life experiences when delivering coaching services because experience is the best teacher and will drive home the point to the client. Notably, it is essential to be cautious about worldly pleasures as they cannot buy virtues such as love and happiness. Moreover, success in love life and marriage call for commitment and dedication. The journey is never smooth due to the numerous obstacles involved. Before a couple decides to marry, it is paramount that they seek the services of a marriage counselor who will guide and advise them on dealing with family and life problems.

In brief, life coaching empowers many people to deal with multiple challenges in life. The movie is a clear definition of the current trends, especially among married people. In addition, it is essential to realize that money, when used immorally, is the source of most evil. As a result, caution is paramount to prevent greed for money from ruining people’s relationships. Indeed, Tyler Perry’s movie Temptations: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor is a lifetime lesson in how to deliver life coaching.

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