Bill Advocacy Letter to NY State Senator: Nursing Paper 2


Choose one legislative issue affecting nurse practitioners (either state or federal) and write a letter to the appropriate legislator either in support or opposition to this issue. The letter must include the proper components of a letter as listed in the rubric. The letter will be prepared and sent to your representative. Please refer to […]

Honourable Kathy Hochul

Governor of the State of New York

New York State Capitol Building

Albany, New York 12224

Re: A1842-B/S6768 BSN in 10

Dear Honorable Kathy Hochul,

I am a Registered Nurse residing on Long Island, NY, and a Chief Nursing Officer/Senior Vice4 President in a Magnet hospital, South Nassau Communities Hospital, Oceanside, New York. I am writing to give my full personal support and that of our organization for the BS in Ten legislature that passed the House and Senate. Currently, South Nassau employs 1600 RNs, of which 78% have their BSN. We have been actively recruiting nurses who have this degree or are in school to attain it. Our organization feels strongly that the more education a nurse has, the better the patient outcomes. As a result, we put in place tuition reimbursement, scholarship funds, flexible hours, self-scheduling and onsite BSN programs for RNs.

Over the past five years, our organization has seen a steady improvement in outcomes affected by nursing care. These outcomes include lower fall rates, pressure ulcer rates, hospital-acquired infections; a decrease in length of stay; a decrease in readmissions, and an increase in nurse satisfaction. As a Magnet CNO, I attribute this improvement and our attaining Magnet Recognition to the increase in BSN rates.

I want to thank you for your leadership and for helping to keep NYS at the forefront of healthcare and patient safety. As a leader, it would be great if you were the first governor to sign this bill into effect. And just as importantly, it would be great if you support a predominantly female service – Nursing – toward advancing ourselves in the business plan. Many of our healthcare colleagues now require a doctorate degree to practice in hospital settings (pharmacists, physical therapists). Having a BSN would help to affirm our intentions as a profession.

Respectfully Yours,


South Nassau Communities Hospital

Oceanside, New York 11572

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