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Choose one legislative issue affecting nurse practitioners (either state or federal) and write a letter to the appropriate legislator either in support or opposition to this issue. The letter must include the proper components of a letter as listed in the rubric. The letter will be prepared and sent to your representative. Please refer to […]

Honourable Assemblyman Edward Ra

825 East Gate Boulevard

Suite 207

Garden City, NY 11530

Phone: xxx- xxx- xxxx


Dear Assemblyman Edward Ra:

As a home care Registered Nurse (RN) with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in New York State, I strongly support Senate Bill number S578, H.R. 1342, which would amend Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, which will allow Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs ) to conduct Face-To- Face encounters with medicare beneficiaries and certify each patient’s eligibility for home health benefits.

For the last 3years or so, I have worked in the home care division of a very prominent hospital on Long Island. As a field coordinator/ case manager, I have had the pleasure of working first-hand with patients newly discharged from the hospital. And it is in this situation I am able to see the injustice medicare beneficiaries suffer when their care is delayed due to the inability of APRNs to certify them for home health benefits.  This delay in care often results in readmissions and puts the patients at higher health risks for wound infections and medication errors.

Though “Medicare has recognized the autonomous practices of APRNs for nearly 2 decades” ( and it is noted that APRNs provide the majority of the care for patients requiring home health services, the current medicare law prevents  APRNs from signing home health plans of care. APRNs have to buddy up with physicians who will sign orders to discharge patients to home care services. This break in care results in several situations that cost both medicare and hospitals millions in losses, and patients and family increased distress and worsening health status. By passing this bill, not only will patients receive timely home health services, but according to studies done by th ANA’s department of government affairs, this bill will decrease re-hospitalizations, save lives and medicare an estimated  $91.9 million in about 5yrs and $309.5 million in about ten years.

Not only am I supporting this bill as a Registered Nurse, but I am strongly supporting this bill as a patient advocate. Advocating for the needs of patients in order for them to receive timely care and be educated and assisted with their health care issues and needs.  This will decrease re-admissions, promote healing and increase patients’ ability to live productive lives regardless of illness.



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American Association of Colleges of Nursing, Policy Brief. August 2014. Home Health Care Planning Improvement Act.

          ANA, 2016. APRN Ability to Certify Home Health Plans of Care.

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