AD 605- Operations Management: Barnacle Cleaners Case Study

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Read the “Barnacle cleaners” and answer the following questions: Case Analysis & Questions Your case study report should address the following questions.  Turn in one Word file with a cover page (with course name, case study title, date, and team members).  Put all analysis detail in the Word file (i.e., do not attach an Excel […]

Barnacle Cleaners Question and Answer

Q1 Executive Summary

The study analyzes the operations of barnacle cleaners. James Stodder started the company. It specializes in dry-cleaning services, explicitly targeting university students. Notably, the company enjoys the state of the art technologies as well as modern innovations in Information Technology (IT). The company charges every student 250 $ per semester, which the parents willingly pay for their children. However, barnacle has been on a loss-making trend due to the delivery services for the clients. The situation calls for a need to restructure the delivery services to reduce costs. Barnacle is considering two options for service delivery to its customers. The first entails a single line waiting line backed by numerous servers. The second involves double-segmented waiting lines, each handling a specific transaction. Implementing either of the preferences will ensure that the company saves on costs. Barnacle Cleaners hired Angie to recommend the best options and oversee the transition process.

Q2 The Meaning of an M/M/S Queuing Model

Queuing is used by companies that experience an influx of clients at a given time to the extent that they cannot handle all of them satisfactorily. The method helps organizations prioritize and ensure the efficient delivery of services and transactions. Consequently, the queuing system has two types: the M/M/S and the M/M/1 queue. The former refers to when the system has one queue accompanied by multiple servers, while the latter refers to the system with an equal number of servers. Still, the configuration is altered to acquire s number of queues. The M/M/S is applicable as it can handle many customers simultaneously. Besides, it has no delays, thus making it effective.

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