Assignment Week 2: The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre


Answer the questions based on the topic of racial inequalityThis activity is your last chance to choose a topic. Topic changes may be based on your research or instructor feedback. Then write a historical research question that addresses an aspect of your finalized topic. Replace the bracketed text below with your responses. Non-graded portion: List […]

Tulsa Massacre Assignment Week 2

Historical Research topic: Racial inequality, Tulsa Massacre

Research question: How did Tulsa Massacre transform societal perceptions concerning racial equality in the United States?

Influence Of Beliefs, Assumptions, and Values on Choice of Research Topic

An individual’s beliefs, values, and assumptions may influence their perception regarding the issue of gender inequality depicted during the Tulsa Massacre. An individual who values gender equality and justice for women may consider focusing their study on the issue of gender violence as a precursor and key cause of racism that resulted in the Tulsa Massacre. Such individuals may consider investigating how gender-based violence experienced by white women in the United States resulted in racism and the consequent separation between white and black members of the United States society. Similarly, individuals who believe that racism has intergenerational effects on society may investigate how key elements in the United States history facilitated the propagation of racist attitudes among members of society to result in racial injustices eminent in modern-day society. Therefore, a person’s choice of a research topic may be influenced by their beliefs, values, and assumptions.

Difference Between Primary and Secondary Sources

Primary sources provide an account of an event witnessed by the first recorders. They provide direct access to the research subject without the commentary of individuals other than the first recorder. On the other hand, secondary sources include documentation that describes, interprets, or analyzes information provided by a primary source. Such sources provide second-hand information to facilitate further analysis of events or phenomena recorded by first recorders.

Importance of Consulting a Variety of Sources

Consulting various sources will help overcome information deficiency in primary and secondary sources. Various sources of information focus on specific topics surrounding a phenomenon. Therefore, they may exclude useful information required in the current study, which necessitates consulting various sources.

Primary Source for Current Research

The study will utilize a primary source of the report titled A Report by the Oklahoma Commission to Study the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 by the Commission for Tulsa Race Riot (1921). It provides information concerning reports made by various Oklahoma state government agencies regarding the investigation into the Tulsa Race Massacre, including eyewitness testimony and reports made by investigating officials. The source will provide information concerning the massacre.

Secondary Source for Current Research

The study will utilize the article titled From the Tulsa massacre to George Floyd: Race, class, and state by Miah (2021) as a secondary source. The article analyzes key factors that contributed to the separation and the consequent antagonism between black and white members of the United States society that resulted in the Tulsa Race Massacre. Therefore, the article will provide details concerning the interaction between racism and violence in society.

Current Event Related to the Subject

The current study relates to racially constructed injustices that African Americans are experiencing in the United States. Many black members of society have fallen victim to police brutality and unfair incarceration of black people in contemporary United States society. Therefore, the current study will establish a relationship between such factors and systemic racism in the United States.


Commission for Tulsa Race Riot. (1921). A Report by the Oklahoma Commission to Study the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921.

Miah, M. (2021). From the Tulsa massacre to George Floyd: Race, class, and state. Green Left Weekly, (1312), 14-15.

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